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PBLA held its annual celebration in Edmonton on June 24, 2015. It was a time to acknowledge the many contributions of the pro bono community in increasing access to justice and to thank those who have been involved with PBLA over the past year.

We said farewell to Bruce Churchill-Smith, QC (Calgary) and Suzanne Alexander-Smith, QC (Red Deer) who have both served on the PBLA Board of Directors since 2007. Mr. Churchill-Smith served as President from 2009-2015. Welcome to Kevin Feth, QC of Edmonton who is returning to the Board and will serve as President. We also welcome new Board member Christopher Rickards, QC of Red Deer.

The program included the presentation of the Pro Bono Leaders of Tomorrow Award to Pro Bono Students Canada, Student Legal Assistance and Student Legal Services in recognition of the volunteer efforts of law students in pro bono.

Ms. Nikki Gershbain, National Director of Pro Bono Students Canada, delivered the key note address. Thank you to those of you who continue the pro bono journey with us.

PBLA Board_Advisory June 24_2015final

from left to right: Allyson Jeffs, Ackroyd LLP; Hon Justice FL Schutz; Kendall Moholitny, PBLA; Gillian Marriott QC, PBLA; Walter Pavlic QC, MacPherson Leslie & Tyerman LLP; Hon Judge JT Henderson; Hon Allan Wachowich QC; Don Bishop QC, Bishop & McKenzie LLP; Kevin Feth QC, Field LLP

PBLAProBonoFriends June 24_2015

from left to right: Kendall Moholitny, PBLA; Nonye Opara, PBLA, Nikki Gershbain, Pro Bono Students Canada, Myra Skerrett, PBLA; Gillian Marriott QC, PBLA; Cecelia Frohlick, PBLA, Jana Weins, PBSC Calgary; Danielle Douglas, PBSC Calgary. Back row: Robert LaValley, Student Legal Services; Nick Smith, PBSC Edmonton