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Children’s Legal and Educational Resource Centre (CLERC) is seeking a senior lawyer for their team, one with a passion for working with young people and giving back to the community. CLERC is a charitable organization providing legal support and services to children and youth in Calgary and the surrounding area since 2002. These services include legal information, advice and representation for young people caught in their parents’ high-conflict custody and access/parenting disputes, as well as legal support in civil law matters such as guardianship, independent living, pregnancy and parenting, employment, return of property, and landlord/tenant matters. CLERC also engages in Public Legal Education (PLE) through public presentations and training, and through our website,

If you are as passionate as we are about making a difference in people’s lives, please email your resume by December 27, 2017, to, ensuring the job title and reference number are included in the Subject line.

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