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Pro Bono Law Alberta is not a legal clinic, and does not provide direct service to members of the public, including legal advice, legal representation or referrals to pro bono lawyers. Pro Bono Law Alberta’s work is focused on getting members of the legal profession involved in pro bono projects that support individual legal needs as well as non-profits and charitable organizations.

PBLA Programs and Services

Civil Claims Duty Counsel

Brief legal assistance to self-represented litigants with civil matters in the Provincial Court in Calgary and Edmonton

King’s Bench Court Assistance

Brief legal assistance for self-represented litigants with civil matters at the Court of Queen’s Bench in Calgary and Edmonton

Help for Non-Profits

Assistance for non-profit and charitable organizations with discrete legal matters

Calgary Legal Advice Clinic

Get free legal advice on October 27. 2022 at the Calgary Legal Advice Clinic.

Other Resources

Courtroom Videos

Educational videos to assist with courtroom procedure and etiquette

Legal Resources

A list of organizations providing legal assistance for members of the public.