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Fax Filing Changes

Effective September 1, 2020, the Clerk of the Court will only accept filing by electronic mail (email), and will no longer accept filing by fax, as an authorized means. Read more >>

Emergency/Urgent Hearing Request Process Suspended

Effective July 10 2020,  the relaunch of Court sittings province-wide, the Emergency/Urgent Hearing Request process is now suspended. Read more >>

Resumed Hearings of regular Masters Chambers applications

Effective June 3 2020, the Court will commence hearing regular Masters Chambers applications (with an anticipated length of 20 minutes or less) remotely via videoconferencing. Read more >>

COVID-19: Extension of Suspension of Hearings - Master Order #4

The Court of Queen's Bench will extend its limitation of hearings to emergency and urgent matters only to June 26, 2020, and the adjournment of criminal jury trials and jury selections to September 8, 2020, per the Court's Master Order #4 of May 14, 2020. Civil and Family Special Chambers Applications, in Justice and Masters' Chambers, that were scheduled prior to March 16, 2020 to be heard on or after June 29, 2020 will proceed as scheduled. [May 14] Read more >>

Read the previous Master Order here.

Non-Binding Judicial Dispute Resolutions (JDRs) / Family Early Intervention Case Conferences (EICCs) - Edmonton & Calgary

From June to August, the Court will hear non-binding JDRs and Family EICCs. For JDRs, all parties must be represented by Counsel and all Counsel must agree to proceed with the JDR remotely via Webex video and audio. For Family EICCs, all parties must agree to proceed with the EICC remotely via Webex video and audio. Read more >>

Without Notice Applications

The Court is also processing electronic Without Notice Applications before a Master in Chambers province-wide. [May 11] Read more >>

Electronic Criminal Summary Conviction Appeals

In cases where the accused is represented by Counsel and where Crown and Defence Counsel agree, Summary Conviction Appeals involving Criminal Code offences may now be submitted to the Court with written argument to be considered by way of desk application. All written arguments for all Counsel must be submitted together in accordance with the procedures outlined on the court's Email Filing announcement. [May 22] Read more>>

Additional Updates

Family Law Dispute Resolution Processes

Civil Justice Chambers With Notice Desk Application Process

Criminal Trial Triage Booking - June, July, August 2020

Masks Required

Effective July 6, 2020, all persons entering a courthouse in Alberta are required to wear a face mask while in any public area of the courthouse subject to exceptions detailed in the attached Notice to the Profession and the Public.

Limited Attendance

As of March 17, 2020, those with family, civil, criminal court or a Provincial Offences/traffic court appearance in the Alberta Provincial Court, do not need to attend unless the matter is an in-custody or urgent criminal matter, or an urgent family or child protection matter. Read more >>

The Provincial Court is also limiting attendance at Bar Admission ceremonies and implementing social distancing measures in court proceedings. Read more >>

COVID-19 Staged Resumption of Court Operations

The Court published a COVID-19 Staged Resumption of Court Operations plan outlining Court’s operations for May 25th through to and including July 3rd, 2020, including information on civil, family, and criminal law matters. [May 19] Read more >>

The Tax Court of Canada released a guide on  Recommended Preventive Measures as the court resume in-person operations. [July 17] Read more >>

After closing in March to protect the health and safety of the Courts’ staff, all court users and the community, the Courts announced sittings will resume on July 20, 2020. Read more >>

Federal Court of Appeal’s suspension period until Friday May 29, 2020 adjourns hearings scheduled from mid-April and for the duration of the suspension period while announcing additional measure in response to the current and evolving situation. Cases that are selected to progress may be determined on the basis of written material or by teleconference or video conference. Read more >>

The Alberta Court of Appeal continues to hear all matters but, as of March 23, 2020, not in-person;  case materials are able to be sent via email and fax. [May 6] Read more >>

All Library Locations will be open to in-person visitors as of August 31. Read more >>

Alberta Law Libraries team members continue to monitor by telephone, email and its Ask a Law Librarian service. Read more>>